Posted April 1, 2016
By Mark Runco

This is a HUGE step forward for creativity testing. 

Creativity Testing Services can now score all of their Divergent Thinking tests automatically and virtually instantaneously. New proprietary software is in place and provides Fluency, Originality, and Flexibility scores for any and all tests!

These include:

  • Many Uses
  • Social Games
  • Figural Divergent Thinking
  • 3-D Divergent Thinking (for preschoolers/ requires audiotaping of responses)
  • SWOT (for entrepreneurs)
  • Realistic Divergent Thinking (all ages)
  • Problem Generation DT
  • Alternative Titles Divergent Thinking

The scoring manual for these, and the other CTS tests (“Who Are You?” “Creative Attitudes and Values,” “Creativity Activity and Accomplishment Checklist”), has been revised and is at the publisher.

But again, the big news is that divergent thinking testing can now be done on any computer or mobile device, with “dynamic norms” tailored to any particular sample, a profile using the Fluency, Originality, and Flexibility scores, and no subjectivity in scoring! Instantaneous and reliable results!

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